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Thursday, August 30th 2018. | Cryptocurrency

Author: AaXray
Topic: Decentralized Football Investments and funding Eco-System Based in a Meritocratic Platform.
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In every country, it must have some form of the professional league that is always followed by all their fans. When it is played at the highest level with the highest caliber, sports, in general, will be an extraordinary art that is overshadowed by money. If we talk about league soccer sports such as the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, French Ligue 1 and Italian Serie A, there are millions of people around the world who will watch their beloved Club with extraordinary excitement. Football has a global appeal compared to other sports. Increasing revenue from football over the past 15 years has facilitated business transformation – especially in Europe’s biggest leagues – and the impact of football will go far beyond the action on the ground every week.

What is the Netscouters Platform?

The team and we aim to build a transparent and unified meritocratic platform that is distributed to assess, validate and empower the skills of young players. A real opportunity to shape policies about how the public sector and the private sector will be able to work together to help build a more inclusive economy in the world of football.

Netscouters platform

The Netscouters platform is a decentralized and transparent player and club market based on Tokens. Decentralization of amateur football in our platform market will help to ensure that Amateur clubs, with their youth activities, have access to global financing. With our platform, the Amateur club will be able to receive support from investors, Brands, and Professional Football Clubs. It doesn’t matter if the Amateur club comes from a US country or another country. It doesn’t matter if investors, brands or professional clubs come from Australia, Argentina, Japan, or any country in the world. We will make it available to everyone in a sustainable manner and without the need to invest large amounts of money and create an independent Ecosystem based on a distributed, meritocratic, transparent and integrated blockchain platform.

Netscouters Mobile Platform

After you enter our ecosystem, you will be able to evaluate and manage all player performance statistics at your club. The mobile version of the platform allows anyone who has a smartphone and internet connection to record players, evaluate them, record club matches and participate in this global soccer market.

Video Streaming Platform

The Netscouters marketplace will use an integrated and sophisticated video streaming platform to allow Amateur Clubs to have their channels (pay per view or streaming) that create content. Monetize their content behind the paywall, integrate Google DFP for ad insertion, or collect valuable data from viewers using prospect retrieval.

Netscouters Market Place

With the Netscouters platform, all Clubs will get surprising results. What opportunities can the club identify?
They will be able to manage a budget that allows covering costs such as:

  1. Transport
  2. Official equipment
  3. Infrastructure maintenance
  4. Stock
  5. Compensation trainer expenses
  6. And all day-based activities generate values

Football Market

At the Netscouters market, sports brands and sponsors will be able to sell their products directly to our community, which will consist of millions of people from all over the world. Our platform will be open to all sports equipment brands, but also to other different products such as construction and maintenance of sports infrastructure, rental of vehicles to transport teams, gasoline, bill payments, etc. Every transaction will be made directly from the club/player’s wallet to the brand wallet on our token.

Token Overview

Netscouters coins are ERC20 utility tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. Two rounds of personal sales will take place before public sales. The ICO Netscouters will start in October, the 1st and will run for four weeks or until the hard cap is reached. 100% of all Netscouters Inv Coins will be available during the ICO event.


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