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Tuesday, August 28th 2018. | Cryptocurrency

Author: AaXray
Topic: An innovative crypto-exchange platform with simplified access for everyone
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The cryptocurrency market trends and innovations are global topics that are very popular today. Cryptocurrency is predicted to become a future financial sector because Cryptocurrency continues to grow and continues to overgrow. Because the Cryptocurrency market is still under development, the existing products/services and tools are considered only for small professional groups such as miners and traders.

At present, the Cryptocurrency platform can meet the needs of these groups. However, there is still substantial room for further development for changes and adjustments to technology, or products/services for mass markets. When we analyze market specifications, trends, products and services offered, our team at Bixtrim has identified that there are some common problems faced by the existing cryptocurrency platform and as a result are all markets in general.


We are “Bixtrim.” We firmly believe in the future, where Cryptocurrency is not the strange words you have heard on the internet, but Cryptocurrency is a part of every day of modern human life. In the world, where there are not only professional segments, but everyone has easy access to crypto financial services. To enable all of this, our family of highly professional individuals and partners, together with one of the leading microfinance organizations in the Republic of Georgia, will create a platform with the latest opportunities and features, which can ensure the use of cryptocurrency quickly and easily. Just like banknotes used today.

  • Our Mission
    We Tim Bixtrim believe everyone in the world has access to sophisticated crypto financial services and this service must be readily accessible to the general public rather than the professional market segment in isolation.
  • Our Goals
    We will make cryptocurrency accessible and used every day by everyone. Our engineers will build financial instrument ecosystems based on the revolutionary benefits of the digital economy.
  • Objectives
    We will efficiently and carry out our mission effectively; a multifunctional platform will be engineered and designed by the Bixtrim team. Our products and services will offer the right breakthrough features needed by the crypto world and include significant innovations in this industry.


  1. Crypto Pawn Shop
    Bixtrim will develop a crypto pawn shop where coin owners will be able to pawn their coins within a specified period and get it back after paying off the commitment. This means giving customers the opportunity to save their coins, as well as getting the cash needed for the short-term and long-term profits.
  2. Futures Contracts
    We will develop exclusive features – Futures contracts on the Bixtrim platform that support the specified transaction date. Every platform user will be able to use this feature and trade / play easily. All coins traded on the Bixtrim platform will get futures support.
  3. Escrow Future
    We will issue cryptocurrency that supports exclusive and innovative Escrow features. Coins issued by Bixtrim will have an option where third parties with independent principles chosen at random will ensure transactions.
  4. Debit Card
    We will issue a revolutionary plastic card, which is connected directly to Bixtrim coins and other cryptocurrencies. This card can be used in online stores, ATMs, PoS terminals and has a high daily limit. Plastic card owners will be able to shop or make transactions anywhere and anytime.


Tim Bixtrim has an innovative vision for the future with the simplified use of crypto in everyday life, and we want our customers to be a part of it.

The popularity and success of fast cryptocurrency have made it essential for infrastructure and functionality to follow it. That’s why we find so many obstacles and problems that need to be solved. Our team of like-minded people demonstrates to realize these revolutionary ideas.


Our tokens will refer to digital assets that will be sold for fiat (USD, EUR) or cryptocurrencies from liquid values (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). Tokens can have various functions, for example, they can provide access to company services.

Token Bixtrim can save transaction costs on other exchange markets by up to 60%. In this case, the Bixtrim token has a $ 1 fee (not including various discounts during the ICO period) and can have the value of the money you save on transaction costs, which makes the value far higher than the price.


Token: BXM
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Price in ICO: 1 BXM = 1 USD
Tokens for sale: 53,600,000
Min. investment: 30 BXM
Accepting: BTC, LTC, ETH, Fiat
Distributed in ICO: 74%
Soft cap: 6,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 51,000,000 USD




June 2017
Market Research

October 2017
Bixtrim was Founded by:
Artur Arabyan
Paata Avdaliani
Iuri Sadoev
Nodar Lomauri
Roman Akopov

February 2018
Whitepaper & website issued

June 2018
ICO Started

July 2018
Private Sale
Bounty Campaign

September 2018
Sales Phase I

October 2018
Sales Phase II

November 2018
Sales Phase III
Exchange Platform

December 2018
Sales Phase IV
Financial Audit

2019 Q1

2019 Q2
Future Contracts
Mobile app

2019 Q3

2019 Q4
Debit Cards





Author: AaXray

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