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Thursday, August 16th 2018. | Cryptocurrency

To avoid misinterpretation, writing about Subbit (the world’s first subscription mobile platform) was created by quoting from an official Whitepaper published by


Subscription-based businesses are fast becoming the preferred payment method among a thousand-year-old consumer population, who will greatly appreciate access to ownership. Subscription-based business models are now more popular than ever; this can be seen with many leading consumer brands that support this approach compared to traditional single payments for the purchase of goods and services.

SUBBIT is the latest payment alternative, which allows you to pay for anything on a monthly subscription basis, but not with cash or cards. SUBBIT is supported by smart cellular technology which makes it possible to convert almost any product or service into a subscription package.

Problem Specifications

Today, subscription businesses have increased to 9x faster than S & P 500 [SEI) – Zoura] corporate earnings, and larger organizations have dominated this highly profitable economy, and they have a strong focus on e-commerce, SaaS tools, and digital streaming services. As a result, a large part of the overall consumer economy remains untouched, and millions of businesses around the world will be at risk of being abandoned.


SUBBIT is the first subscription market in the world, which allows consumers to pay anything with a monthly subscription fee, and this is not with cash or cards. By using our smart mobile application, users can easily subscribe to their favorite stores, such as restaurants, recreational activities and many other popular mainstream products and services.

Blockchain solution

SUBBIT is a real crossover platform, which means that every user can choose to spend fiat, cryptocurrency, or a combination of both in the market. At launch, in addition to our own SBT tokens, the Subbit platform will also support various economies tokens and coins. However, the SBT token will reward users in the form of exclusive access to premium ‘SBT-only’ subscriptions, as well as discounts and various other prizes.


In addition to wanting to make the service subscription process so simple, we also aim to capture some of the existing subscriber economy by continuing to stimulate new markets and grow the economy exponentially. Our focus is explicitly aimed at businesses that can maintain physical interaction with their customers (such as shops, salons, and restaurants), rather than businesses that only sell online.

Benefits for Vendors

Subbit has designed a free and straightforward onboarding process for vendors that takes just a few minutes to prepare. Once registered, vendors will be able to arrange their subscription packages in the SUBBIT market, and immediately start collecting their subscription payments.

Benefits for Consumers

Not only for Vendors, but Subbit has also designed a free and straightforward orientation process for consumers which also takes only a few minutes to prepare. Once registered, all users will get instant access to the subscription market, and can immediately subscribe to whatever package they choose.


Besides being very easy to use, SUBBIT is the only alternative payment that is the most innovative and user-centered. Our intuitive ‘dual’ mobile application will simplify the entire subscription payment model from consumer and vendor products.

SBT Token

SBT Tokens are far more than speculative items. This will give holders access to things that can genuinely be spent with the benefits of genuine growth. The Subbit Ecosystem will fully support SBT tokens that will be available as described in our Token sales roadmap.

Token Distribution

It is certain that the usability is integral to SBT tokens throughout our ecosystem by encouraging all platform awards and costs. The capital that will be obtained during the sale of tokens will make it possible to build our market in major global and retail trade.

Allocation Fund

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