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Tuesday, July 24th 2018. | Cryptocurrency

IZX | From virtual to reality with the help of blockchain


IZETEX is a flexible and customizable decentralized platform managed by smart contracts with the aim of building effective interaction between advertisers, game developers, and Business customers so they can take advantage of virtual and augmented reality games to convert every gameplay player into a real customer. The IZX intent is to create a business-to-customer exchange of value in a transparent, secure and accessible manner for every customer and provide new monetization options for mobile game developers that ultimately make the user happy. While ad providers can choose which game to use for their promotional event, the developer will get a royalty. IZX is based on the blockchain platform; In addition to open source code, they also have no geographical restrictions.

IZX audience is a walker who always stares at his smartphone. IZX’s proprietary mobile app makes it a sharp player as you go around the city looking for tokens. The token for the player will look like a very tempting pizza, a cup of coffee, or money.

They will be scattered throughout the city. Each player can find it on the map, get close and direct any smartphone camera of yours with the IZX app installed on the token.
As a result, players can use the token to buy something interesting to them; it can be in a pizza restaurant, cafe or corporate store that participated in distributing tokens to find new customers.

Interestingly, every player who handles IZX applications, they will automatically become the owner of the crypto wallet. They get their crypto tokens by getting their first virtual prize through the IZX app.
The IZX token will represent any prize found by the players and the; tokens can be redeemed at market exchange rates to other cryptocurrencies.

However, ad providers must purchase IZX tokens and convert them into coupons, gifts, or other artifacts. This is done for promotional campaigns aimed at attracting new customers and loyalty.

As a decentralized platform, IZX also provides a platform for independent game developers with augmented or virtual reality elements. So, every ad provider will be able to choose what games they will use for promotional events, and the developers will get royalties.

Since IZX is based on the blockchain platform, the code is also open source, and has no geographical restrictions. IZX offers the same possibilities for all of their advertising providers, developers, and players.

Benefits of IZX

#1. Model Dual Token
IZX ERC-20 token owner (Ethereum network) will grant the rights to publish tokens in IZX Drive games, and each must be with different advertising and design messages. Therefore, every IZX token owner is an advertiser.

#2. Open Platform
Any independent game developer will be able to leverage his creative ideas while integrating tokens and smart IZX contracts into mobile apps and PC games.

#3. Tokens Marketplace
IZX also creates a token market for advertisers and token owners, enabling the sale or lease of IZX Drive tokens for ad campaigns.

#4.Working Model
The IZX is not a prototype, but as a flexible tool that will function adequately with unlimited possibilities for each upgrade and scaling. IZX has tested these ideas on the audience of their MVP apps.


After judging and looking closely, it turns out Izetex provides a new, more effective approach to customer acquisition and retention. The protocol can also solve some common problems inherent in traditional centralized marketing services.

The IZX platform also builds a new market for digital advertising marketing by encouraging game developers to integrate their apps with a decentralized marketing program so that it can eliminate the input threshold for businesses and build their genuine digital marketing effectively.

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