ExToke – Fee Free Exchange Token for Buyer or Seller

Monday, July 16th 2018. | Cryptocurrency

Fee Free Exchange Token for Buyer or Seller

Free Exchange Token for Buyer or Seller

When we want to buy or sell tokens online but are subject to tariff fees by service providers, we often feel disappointed even though the fee amount is still at the minimal price. Just imagine if in a day we make transactions many times, how much money is spent on selling or buying the desired tokens.

Since the presence of ExToke and offers Decentralized Ethereum ERC20 Token Exchange at no cost to the buyer or seller. You deserve to be proud and happy because you can buy and sell tokens without the need to spend on services so that you can save more on expenses and increased revenue when compared to other services.

Along with advances in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in recent years, more and more people are beginning to shift from traditional fiat-based fiat systems to blockchain and cryptocurrency in particular. And this ExToke has been developed to fill various loopholes in the cryptocurrency trading industry and eradicate all costs from equations that benefit both traders and developers.

There are a lot of issues that central exchange should face such as High costs, security issues (money saved on admin accounts), serious risks being hacked victims while the problems facing the DEX industry are high cost and lack of support for customers resulting in lousy networking.

But you need not worry? ExToke has offered solutions aimed at solving problems that arise during cryptocurrency exchange. ExToke has ZERO trading costs to maximize trader profits and overall user experience. ExToke even can process orders in real time through their XTO Exchange Smart Contracts and enables you to achieve real “real-time” trading experience.

You are also entitled to enjoy a sense of security, comfort, and the instant when trading for no cost thanks to the XTO Smart Contract. This is because ExToke does not make commissions from every trade and they also offer dedicated 24/7 support teams via email, social media, and live chat via Telegram.

Why does ExToke offer Decentralization features? This decentralization can eliminate the need for third-party services when exchanging and storing user funds in a centralized system. This trade takes place in a peer-to-peer manner through a completely automated process, and without trade costs. This is very different from centralized exchanges (CEXs), in this model, if the user deposits their funds, basically it is an exchange fund.

ExToke not only offers instant services, but they also create decentralized trading solutions and provide unparalleled customer support in the DEX industry, so we can ensure that ExToke will stand from a tiny package of decentralized exchanges.


If judging from the ExToke intent of offering an Ethereum ERC20-based Token Exchange with no additional fees or fees, this is something extraordinary and the most sought after by both buyers and sellers. Plus! ExToke has also set out to solve all of the problems associated with modern centralized cryptocurrency exchange, while they also improve the product on the concept of decentralized exchange. However, what we ought to extend to Extoke is that they will continue to strengthen the DEX industry by offering an instant, secure, and convenient token exchange process through XTO smart contracts.

If you are interested in these great offers and achievements, you can find more information on the Whitepaper provided by the ExToke team. Thanks for visiting and reading this offer, have a great day.

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