ARAW – Touch & Pay Cryptocurrency Card

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Touch & Pay Cryptocurrency Card

Touch & Pay Cryptocurrency Card

Images: The ARAW Token becomes part of online shopping & in-store shopping without having to change shopping patterns.

In the era of easy-going as it is today, unfortunately, it seems as if all that is not enjoyed. Thanks to the technological sophistication that is an increasingly growing day, allowing us to be able to feel how beautiful life is. This is similar to one product launched by ARAW called Touch & Pay Cryptocurrency Card. This ARAW-owned product is not just that; there are many others like Araw Pay, E-commerce Marketplace, Araw Mobile Wallet, Cryptocurrency Exchanges and many more that belong to The ARAW Token Ecosystem category.

ARAW This is a first company established in the UK with the aim to combine the advantages of E-Commerce and Payment industry. The primary purpose of this ARAW token is to be part of online shopping & shopping in the store every day without having to change their shopping patterns or understand the intricacies of the underlying Technology.

The ARAW Token will allow all regular customers to own shares in the rapidly growing world of cryptocurrency and this can benefit all parties involved. In the emerging e-commerce industry, global retail e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021. But for most commercial businesses, cryptocurrency will be the preferred transaction mode most highlighted by the current stamp of hundreds of billions and is expected to rise to trillions.

Touch & Pay Cryptocurrency Card

Images: Araw Card – Touch & Pay

Araw Touch & Pay Card is a single card as a solution for all gift programs that may be of interest to buyers, and this is the first of its kind in the UK. This makes it possible for every customer to get an ARAW token with their daily purchases and pay using the collected ARAW token. It can be ensured that all customers can quickly adopt the use of their cards because of their similarity to existing technology.

The ARAW Touch & Payment card aims to enable customers to make every micropayment in their everyday coffee shops, supermarkets and shopping online. With the release of Araw Card, ARAW hopes to increase the adoption of the Araw platform by regular customers.
To achieve that, ARAW will apply the solution to 3 different phases.

This incredible offer allows ARAW token to have a practical use and the value in ARAW token is accessible by Banking System Integration because it offers them ARAW direct purchase & selling coupons between the customer’s ARAW wallet and their bank account. While the integrated reward system driven by the ARAW token aims to transform the underutilized, multi-brand loyalty industry over the years.


Judging from its purpose and development including the features and products offered, the ARAW Token will prove to be a revolutionary cryptocurrency for e-commerce platforms and payment ecosystems that ensure their merchants and customers get the optimal satisfaction from the service. Each merchant will have the most convenient and economical service when engaging their customers. It will also continue to encourage customers to use ARAW cryptocurrency cards as often as possible. This will help increase purchases across thousands of businesses, and also satisfy millions of customers by providing a great way to keep shopping the same way while enjoying the rewards.

For more details on this fantastic project offered by this British company, you can read it to Whitepaper provided by the ARAW team.

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